These interviews were recorded in the film studio and decorated with movie logos. Video news releases can also take the form of mature works. The production cost is as high as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Video news releases can also be in the format of TV news, or even specially produced for the Internet. Some broadcast news media discourage the use of video news releases on the grounds of poor public awareness.

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This can also be seen as a desire to increase its credibility. In addition, it can be   new database  converted into a podcast and then posted on the news line. By simply participating in the “ community website ”, the story can also be maintained for a longer time. “The community website ” is monitored and commented by many journalists and special writers. Embargo If the press release is issued before the information is intended to be released to the public, the press release will be considered an embargo.

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The embargo requires news organizations not to report on the matter before the specified date or time. Unless the reporter signs a legally binding confidentiality agreement in advance and agrees to comply with the embargo, the reporter has no legal obligation to retain information. However, violation of  BSB Directory  the ban may damage their relationship with the issuing organization and their reputation as writers or journalists. News agencies are sometimes blacklisted after violating the embargo.

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