History Ivy Lee, known as the father of modern public relations, released his first press release on a railway accident involving the Pennsylvania Railway in October 1906. This accident resulted in the death of fifty people in Atlantic City, New Jersey ( also known as the Atlantic City train accident ). Li recorded the accident and provided reports to other reporters. The biggest turning point is the honesty written by Li about the accident and its authenticity. [15] 《 The New York Times 》 issued his exact statement and observation.

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 Li used to be and is still one of the biggest influences and leaders in the field of public relations and  latest database  press release. According to Li, the press release has evolved into a necessary condition for the company to disclose key details to the public. Since then, press releases have been used to inform other journalists, public relations personnel, and other media relations personnel of important events, statistical data, and announcement financial statements ( or financial reports ) that are financial activities of businesses, individuals, or other entities And official records of the situation.

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 Relevant financial information is presented in a structured and easy-to-understand format. They usually include four basic financial statements, accompanied by management discussions and analysis: [1] balance sheet or statement of financial position, reporting the company’s assets, liabilities and owner’s rights at a given point   BSB Directory  in time. The income statement —— or the profit and loss report ( profit and loss report ), or the comprehensive income statement, or income and expense table —— reports the company’s income, expenditure and profit during the specified period.

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