Public Relations (PR) or other media relationship contacts’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses or other contact information. The title —— is used to attract the attention of journalists and briefly summarizes the news in one to six words. Dek – describes the subtitle of the title in more detail. The date line – contains the release date and usually the source city of the press release.

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If the listed date is later than the date when the information is actually sent to the media, the  new data   sender is requesting a news embargo. The first paragraph of the introduction —— press release usually gives basic answers to questions about who, what, when, where and why. The text —— further explanations, statistics, background or other details related to the news. The model file —— is usually a short “ section about ”, providing an independent background for the issuing company, organization or individual.

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 Closing —— in North America, the traditional symbol “ -30- ” appears after the model or text, before the media contact information, to indicate to the media that the release has ended. The more modern equivalent symbol is the “##” symbol. In other countries, other methods can be used   BSB Directory  to indicate the end of release, such as the text “ end ”. As the Internet occupies an increasingly important position in the 24-hour news cycle, the writing style of press releases has also changed.

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