Success it is often overlooked or not given the credit it deserves for various reasons. Here are possible explanations for this slight and what can be done to elevate marketing’s position. Was it the last email event or offer that contributed to that sale? Attributing sales to marketing is a challenge. How do you account for all the activities and their accumulative and individual contributions to the sales pipeline? Even when marketing does manage to attribute their efforts to sales the attribution will inevitably be challenged. A host of other

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To the sales environment including: Product quality. Competition. Pricing customer service. Overall market demand. And last is the overall performance of the sales team itself. It can be difficult to isolate the specific b2b leads contributions of marketing efforts from these other variables making it harder to quantify marketing’s direct impact on success. But marketers must try. Proving that individual activities have a return on investment is key and foundational to building credibility with the business. How these metrics are presented however

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makes all the difference. Marketing may have a dashboard that provides statistics for each activity and they may have a view of activities associated with a particular program. However BSB Directory the best marketers show all activities from a customer’s perspective and how these activities may be guiding or influencing decisions. The chart below shows how many of the identified potential audiences are responding to marketing activities. This does not demonstrate ROI but shows a percentage of potential audience addressed

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