It was a great quarter the senior executive said as he raised his glass to toast the winning district sales manager. You guys did me proud. The company had just made its full-year quota in the first half of the year and the champagne was flowing. Everyone was ecstatic about what looked like a banner year — except the marketing manager who knew the company could have done even better. For months the marketing manager had been fighting with the to release funds that would allow her to make real changes to how the

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Content made offers available and created excitement for the brand. She had obtained a few dribbles of funding that had been put to good use and helped the b2b email list sales team make the last quarter. But she knew what she could do only if the would fund an annual budget. She was very tired of the quarterly fight for funding. No matter how many times she explained how attribution worked or how she could tell that marketing was making a difference she wasn’t able to convince the bottom-line that what she was doing really mattered.

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Modified version of the old saying from John Wanamaker rattling around in her head I know that half my marketing is working. I just don’t know which half. In today’s tight economy more and more marketing managers face this challenging BSB Directory scenario with their financial overseers. Finance departments have widely adopted this leaked funding approach in start-ups and established companies. It gives marketing just enough funding to start a program in a quarter; if the program does not return value in that quarter it is canceled in the next. Although most companies consider marketing an essential component of overall

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