Interested and sold. It shows the entire marketing landscape within which decisions are made. Image 4 Source: Theresa Kushner with Marie Martin from AxleHire As is shown individuals may interact with different tactics at different times. Marketing must be constantly available to potential buyers when they become interested in your product — not necessarily when you want to sell it. Here for example if marketing participates in a trade show and showcases its latest product the metrics should be shown with all the other

Activities happening

Simultaneously (i.e. direct marketing sales calls and web visits). Painting the overall picture of marketing activity can show results and paint a picture of the entire market landscape in which the business email list events existed. Marketers still must provide metrics such as: How many visitors did the show attract? How many saw your product demonstration? How many email recipients responded to your offer of a demo of the new product either at the show or elsewhere? How many substantive conversations with customers or potential

Customers did

Sales have at the event? What is the potential value of sales to these customers? How did the event drive potential customers to the website? What was the engagement time for those who visited BSB Directory your site? Showing an ROI for a tradeshow event should include all the possible activities that contributed. In addition it should be shown as an event that continues to produce well after the actual show. Dig deeper: Marketing attribution: What it is and how it identifies vital customer touchpoints Marketing is the effect of message

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