Digital Commerce: Why is it bigger than e-commerce

That people’s purchasing behavior has been changing is undeniable. With consumers becoming increasingly demanding, brands have been looking for new ways to make their sales. Slowly, “simple” e-commerce is giving way to Digital Commerce. If you still don’t know the difference between both business models, understand that understanding them is essential. Because, it is from there that it will be possible to invest in resources capable of providing a good experience for those who are purchasing. Continue reading this article and stay up to date with this new trend.How important is it Investing in engaging processes is essential, because using them, it is possible to capture the consumer’s attention at all stages of purchase, until the final conversion.

What is Digital Commerce

At the beginning of online sales, all you had to do was have a website, place your products and add a purchase button. This was the definition of e-commerce until recently. However, consumers Israel Telegram Number Data need something more, as the purchasing process has lost its linearity. It is possible, for example, for someone to see a product in a physical store, test it and see if they like it or not. Then, do an online search for the product’s prices and features, deciding whether to make the purchase at this point. As a result, smartphones play a fundamental role in this trend, as they allow users to find all the information necessary to decide whether to buy that particular product, wherever they are. Digital Commerce can then be defined as the purchase of products or services through different purchasing channels that complement and add to each other.


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What are the good practices of Digital Commerce

The use of smartphones is very relevant in these new times. Therefore, having websites that load quickly, with good usability and, above all, that are responsive are good practices for digital. According to the Mexico Telegram Number Online Consumption Survey in Brazil , around 87% of Brazilians who buy online have already used mobile devices to place their order. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly looking to create relationships with the brands they buy something from. For this, social networks are great tools, as reach and interaction are very dynamic and easy to do. However, you need to create strategies that make your audience engage with you. Digital Commerce and Payment Methods With all this in mind, it is easy to understand the importance of the payment methods offered by merchants.

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