Magazine Luíza: Find out everything you need to know about the Marketplace

You probably know the Magazine Luiza marketplace, and it’s not new. The company has already been operating in retail with a wide variety of product categories for years and in digital, it opened with the marketplace the possibility for other retailers to sell their products directly from the Magalu website. In this article, we will show you the numbers and history of the company, all the details on how to join the marketplace, exclusive advantages of selling there and how the transfer and fees for sales through the platform work.This doesn’t happen by chance. Since the marketplace has great advantages for retailers to associate their brand with the marketplace, including: 16 Ebit Nielsen Award trophies ; 35 million monthly hits; Reference in Brazilian e-commerce; Good usability for purchasing on the platform; Wide variety of products and categories.

History of Magazine Luiza and company numbers

One of the biggest names in Brazilian e-commerce, Magazine Luiza generated almost R$56 billion in sales in 2021. According to Neotrust , the result was 27% higher than the Brazilian market. The sales success Iraq Telegram Number Data was such that today there are more than 1,400 physical stores in 21 states in Brazil. The company, in addition to the marketplace service, also offers Magalu Entregas , MagaluPay and Magalu Ads . The company has several product categories in its portfolio, including: Home appliances House and garden Cell phones Sports and leisure Furniture Games TV and video Musical instruments Computing pet Shop Automotive Furniture and decoration Babies Clocks Beauty and health Food suplements Bed, table and bath Cameras and camcorders.


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Who can sell on Magalu Marketplace

To be able to sell on Magalu, there are no restrictions on niche, size and monthly revenue, just register on the Magalu website. Check out the step by step below: Access the Magalu Marketplace website ; Click on the green “ Register my store ” button; Then the site will ask if you have a marketplace integrator . It is not mandatory to have Kenya Telegram Number an integrative platform, but it is much easier to register products. If you are a Magazord customer , you can integrate with your online store. Afterwards, you will fill in the name of the marketplace integrator and include the store’s data (such as store name, CNPJ, corporate name and business name); Include shipping location data; In the next step, you need to enter the data of those responsible, as well as.

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