TOUS , the Spanish jewelry, accessories and fashion brand, presents its brand evolution and its new corporate purpose. With it, the jewelry brand with more than 100 years of history seeks to make creativity and self-expression shine. The new corporate purpose is “We craft a world of joy” , six words that are the engine that drives the company and guides it in the future. «At TOUS we create, design and forge a world made with our hands and heart . A world that inspires joy, enthusiasm and passion to help people feel better.” they point out from the company.

TOUS with an eye on the future

In 2020, the brand celebrated category email list its centenary. Therefore, began a transversal transformation process, based on three strategic axes: customer orientation. Therefore, sustainability and improving efficiency in procedures. Within this transformation, a brand evolution has been promoted, which elevates TOUS to its maximum expression. The search for individual expression and creativity through her pieces is a concept of Rosa Oriol , who, in the 70s. Therefore, understood that society was changing and connected more with jewelry that transcended the great moments and that were part of the daily life.

Creativity and the future of the brand

For his part, Carlos Soler-Duffo , CEO and BSB Directory managing director at TOUS. Therefore, highlighted at the presentation event in Madrid that there is extensive growth for the brand in the digital world and that they will maintain very high self-demand. Additionally, the professional made statements about the brand’s departure from Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, pointing out that the work in the country to date had been very good, but due to the situation they have “done everything they had to. Therefore, has proceeded to close the 28 direct stores and as many indirect stores that they had in the country.

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