Marketplace: 10 mistakes you shouldn’t make in this sales channel Anthony

Being present in the biggest Marketplaces in Brazil is essential for everyone who wants to sell online. Through this sales channel, it is possible to reach a large flow of visitors interested in purchasing your products. Marketplace: 10 mistakes you shouldn’t make This maxim applies both to products that are highly sought after in the market and have high demand, and to less conventional products where there is little demand. However, not everything is easy in the lives of those who undertake on the internet. To help you perform as well as possible, we’ll give you some tips on what not to do when placing your products on a Marketplace . Wrong pricing One of the main mistakes that beginners make when entering a Marketplace is making the wrong pricing. Generally, store owners live at the extremes, where they either set the price high, or leave it so low that they end up making a loss. Having a product with an above-average Ticket does not bring any benefits to the consumer, especially when it is a product that is in high demand on the market. A very low Ticket, as we said, can cause losses to your store. Or people may associate price with quality, thus stopping buying. Furthermore, many forget to add the Fees and Commissions Charged in a sale within the platform, thus harming their revenue.

Terrible attendance

Mistakes happen even with the biggest companies in the world. However, knowing how to overcome this flaw will be the biggest differentiator for your brand. Because of this, understanding the Iran Telegram Number Data consumer’s side, always being available to solve their problems and answer their questions, will undoubtedly be a great way to delight that customer. The consumer at least expects their product to be delivered and in the conditions promised in the description and images. When this doesn’t happen and the seller creates several problems to solve the problem, you can be sure, that customer will never buy from that store again. Bad management Poor management in any business model can end that venture. And in Marketplaces this would be no different. Failure to manage your store correctly can result in logistical errors, overloaded operations, unnecessary expenses, unqualified service, etc. An important tip for those just starting out is to go gradually. Do not enter countless different Marketplaces, unless you have the necessary structure for such action. There is no point in being present in many different sales channels, but not being able to organize all operations. Focus on a few channels at the beginning, and as you expand your business, expand to the others.

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Insufficient stock

One of the biggest fears of those who buy online is not receiving the product they purchased. This happens because we generally don’t know who is selling. We only analyze the purchases that have already Japan Telegram Number been made and conclude whether it is safe or not. Therefore, make sure you have your stock very well counted and with each sale, write off that product. A small counting error can result in several lost sales. And you can be sure, the moment this happens to a customer, it will be unlikely that they will buy from you again. Sign up for our Newsletter and learn everything about e-commerce! Name* Name * Email* Email * I agree to receive communications. By providing my data, I agree to the Privacy Policy . Register! should_not_change We promise not to use your contact information to send any type of SPAM. Bad ad On Marketplaces, the first impression you make will be decisive for someone to buy from you. As there are countless buyers putting their merchandise up for sale, being able to stand out at that first glance will be essential. When registering your products , try to use high-quality images that represent what is being sold. Create titles that generate curiosity and desire in the consumer, so that they can at least enter the purchase page. On the purchase page, you should focus on some points. They are description, quality photos and videos and Customer Reviews .

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