The challenge of technology adoption rogers bell curve got a bit of an update in the early 90s with the release of the book crossing the chasm: marketing and selling high-tech products to mainstream customers by geoffery moore. The book presents a problem for those trying to sell innovative products to the general public when those products are new and unfamiliar. Moores addition to the theory explains why many innovations die out before theyre able to reach the mainstream. Theres a gap in the cycle between the early adopters and the early majority. Thats where the idea of crossing the chasm comes in. Moore says you ne a strong marketing strategy if you want to move a high-tech product from early adopters to the early majority.

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Otherwise, your big idea falls into a bottomless chasm. Figure falls into chasm between early adopters and early majority courtesy: fico. Com moores theory is that, if you want to cross the chasm, youve got to focus on one group of consumers at a time. That means business database treating them as unique audiences with their own nes, interests, and motivations for adopting an innovation. Even the biggest tech companies fail to cross the chasm. Just look at google. How many of us are using google glass right now. Hows your google+ profile looking these days.

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In fact, theres an entire google graveyard of dead products, many of which fail to get pick up by the mainstream public. Mark zuckerbergs metaverse could be heading in the same direction. Makers of electric vehicles and virtual reality technology are also facing the challenge of crossing the chasm. But youve got to admit, something seems different with the technology behind chatgpt. Did chatgpt make the jump. The short BSB Directory answer. It sure seems like chatgpt has manag to cross the chasm, and it happen really quickly. Openai launch chatgpt on november 30, 2022. It made a lot of headlines. By the start of 2023, it seem like everyone was talking about it.

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