If you are unable to control your emotions, coworkers or individuals you work with will feel uncomfortable and fearful of interacting with you. The next difference is that you can practice these hard skills to get better, whereas soft skills cannot. So, what are hard skills? That’s our discussion of hard skills.  Person must possess to support the ongoing activity or job. You can learn a variety of hard skills such as programming, design, writing, data analysis, and foreign languages. There are many ways to develop hard skills, one of which is through formal education, such as school or college.   Special training, practicing regularly and continuously. And receiving constructive criticism and suggestions. He must learn Android development in order to create .

His own works and find a stable job

Always hungry for knowledge, Bhima is more than just an enthusiastic Students who want to broaden their horizons. The class 11 student is also often trusted by the school. To participate in various competitions in the field .Of science and technology. He admitted that sometimes Bima would sign up for various . Competitions without even being asked by the school. Bima’s participation in these competitions brings Bima and AWS together. At the time, Bima was participating in a cloud whatsapp database computing competition organized by the Sagasitas Indonesia Foundation and AWS. There, Bima saw many advantages that AWS had over other cloud providers, one of which was the presence of Amplify. For Bima, this AWS hosting service really provides convenience with the many features it offers. According to IT Business Edge, this makes AWS the number one cloud provider in the world today. Seeing that AWS provided an opportunity to learn cloud and back-end .

Development for free at Dicoding

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Bima did not want to waste this opportunity.  After a while, we discovered that there was BSB Directory an update on Swoole, one of the PHP open source projects. Simply put, Swoole will provide coroutines and channels for PHP engineers. We were curious, what would happen if the most popular PHP version of the application was changed to use Swoole? Maybe like what happened in the Golang version of palingram, PHP applications can be faster.

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