If you feel like society is on the ge of some sort of monumental shift in the way we work, create, and even live, youre probably onto something. And youre not alone. The sudden, viral rise of openais chatgpt is causing disruption across the tech world. Many email marketers are also wondering how chatgpt and technology like it will impact the way we work. Could artificial intelligence (ai) make life a little easier by helping us do our jobs more efficiently. Will email ai take over and leave us looking for a new line of work. Or is the reality of the situation somewhere in between. The reason this feels like such a pivotal moment might be because email ai is about to cross the chasm.

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Wondering what that means. Its all about the way different types of people adopt new technology. The technology adoption lifecycle theres a theory in the tech world thats been around since at least the 1960s call the diffusion of innovation. Its also known as rogers bell curve after the communication theorist everett business lead rogers who devis the concept. The bell curve reflects the process of how different groups react to new technologies. Rogers’ bell curve technology lifecycle graph the process generally goes like this… First, the innovators experiment with the new technology while its still being refin (think of beta testers).

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Then, the early adopters pick up the new technology and potentially introduce it to their communities or networks. Next, the early majority follows the lead of early adopters and tries out the innovation. Then, it spreads to BSB Directory the late majority. The tech has basically gone mainstream, and the market is saturat. Finally, the laggards are the last to start using the new technology (right after they pause their sony walkmans). The theory is that every new technology goes through a similar adoption process. But we all know that some dont make it. So what happens to those products.

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