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In the areas of documenting entrusting the processing of personal data or access to data. Gdpr violations are also under scrutiny. Given that the penalty can be up to of the total annual turnover it is worth starting the new year with order in this area. communication officer at vercom co founder of freshmail in my opinion will bring us a very intensive change in terms of broadly understood marketing strategies. This is mainly due to two facts. Google has announc that it will stop supporting third party cookies in its browser at the end of.

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Companies such as meta owner of facebook or alphabet owner of google both of these giants record an outflow of over and of capital respectively. This situation is likely to push the management boards of the above me Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List ntion entities to optimise organic impressions. As a consequence this will result in an increas rate necessary for marketers to reach their potential customers. Therefore I believe that the most important trend in marketing activities will be building your own address databases us for e mail or sms marketing. In my opinion the zero party data approach will become a determinant of effective marketing activities.

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Professionalize their direct marketing activities especially e mail marketing. All this in order to maximize their effectiveness while building a loyal community around the brand. Therefore slogans such as hyperpersonalization bimi or integrat multi channel com BSB Directory munication will become a mantra repeat by marketers. Jacek szlak jacek szlak itor in chief marketing przy kawie the year of recession inflation political turmoil and consumer insecurity is coming. They will be less and less interest in fixing the world and more interest in maintaining their current standard of living. However some savings and changes in habits will prove necessary.

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