Simon pieczynski simon pieczynski managing director at kava a strategic and creative agency this year the topic of sxo gain popularity. I suspect that in the issue of customer experience resulting from interacting with a brand on the internet will become even more important. After all more and more companies are investing in ux. Good website positioning thanks to seo will make the customer come to our website.

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Ux issues such as the page loading time its readability. It is also important whether you know where to click to achieve your goal buy a product or sign up for a newsletter. If we do not guide the customer by the hand thr Austria WhatsApp Number List ough all the stages of conversion he will look for an interesting offer elsewhere. A well design and effectively implement sxo strategy will not only help find your website on google but will also make the buying or other action experience more positive.

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Buying again or recommending our offer to friends. Marika rybarczyk marika rybarczyk ceo of oxylion s.A in it is worth paying attention to the gdpr. So much has been written about it in the last years that it has become a bit of a topic. Most large companies have introduc recommendations and guidelines with pharmacy precision. These companies can cert BSB Directory ainly rest easy.  things are not so perfect in smes. While the gdpr was implement years ago in many companies the modifications were left for later. Often because the supervisory authority was little active in imposing sanctions. So what has chang. The above mention activity of supervisory authorities which recently covers not only corporations but also smaller entities. More and more severe penalties are being met out. Observing the proceings we notice that the inspections and judgments concern irregularities e.G.

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