Companies will look for efficiency improvements

In such a climate the winner will be the one who on the one hand builds trust in his brand and on the other hand optimizes processes in the company and consumer journey.  in simplifying and automating customer relationships. We are already seeing a rapid development of artificial intelligence in both graphics and text relat areas. Everyday precise and personaliz copywriting on a massive scale does not require advanc language knowlge ai can be perfectly harness for this type of task especially since access to this technology is getting cheaper.

The methods of providing information

Will be strengthen by the knowlge about the principles of influencing the consumer with techniques back by scientific research which is increasingly filtering into marketing. Unfortunately this evidence bas marketing attracts the attention of legislators who at least in the eu will want to protect consumers fr Bahamas WhatsApp Number List om manipulation. Hence this is the last moment to throw yourself into the murky waters of greenwashing and cognitive errors. Somewhere here a new frontier of honesty in communication will be forg. The winners will be those who sparingly managing their deep knowlge about consumers will be able to build an authentic or at least not too false image of their brand and offer.

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The consumer journey will gain

An ethical dimension. Whoever is the first to clearly show that he is keeping up with this trend will gain in the eyes of customers even if he still hides some corpses in the closet. Martyna tarnawska martyna tarnawska digital innovation lead at socjamania there is no single trend in digital marketing communications cx and ex design and business develo BSB Directory pment that every organization should follow in. What is worth following depends primarily on the changing nes pains and preferences of customers as well as our industry. Therefore let the necessity of maximum personalization of select tactics and strategies for our organization be the trend that will guide us.

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