Only link to content that’s host on your website Receiving mail servers prefer links in the email to match the domain in the sending address. Plus. When you include a link to another domain. You’re putting your trust in their domain reputation. Not yours.Turn on confirm unsubscribe for all your lists Campaign monitor provides this feature for this exact situation. To learn how to activate, confirm unsubscribe. Head here.

Check out this list of helpful

Server-clicks are an annoying part of the job for email marketers. But. This type of security and privacy measure is helping people. And it’s not going anywhere. As mailbox providers become more security-conscious. It’s critical that you follow sending asia email list best practices to earn a place in their inbox. To learn more about server-clicks and other security and privacy measures. Check out this list of helpful resources the messaging. Malware and mobile anti-abuse working group (m3aawg) report on non-human interactions and email metrics

Travis is a deliverability

Travis is a deliverability specialist for emma and campaign monitor with over five years of technical support and deliverability experience. In his spare time. Travis enjoys BSB Directory writing poetry. Drafting his first novella. And giving his dog. Zelda. All the pets she wants. This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and relat subjects.

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