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According to kabir seth

According to kabir seth. Coo and vp of product strategy at the wall street journal. Subscribers are clicking and reading through email newsletters now more than before. Many mia and news organizations are shifting their europe email list focus to email newsletters as a result. Here are a few examples: The new york times has over 71 email newsletters. With an open rate up 150% from 2019. As well as many brand-new newsletters dicat to unique topics such as covid briefings. Science. And parenting

Many mia outlets are experimenting

Many mica outlets are experimenting with format and writing styles. Such as Vox’s sentences. Which curates the news in short. Digestible bullet points. Journalists have turn to email newsletters as a direct channel BSB Directory to write to their readers. Like Dave pall’s NeXT draft With so much content being create. The role of email has evolve to focus more on curation and filtering through the noise. Brands have to figure out how to differentiate themselves from the crowd by providing a unique value to their readers.

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