Welcome to our first update of 2023. And what a year it’s proving to be so far in digital marketing! The biggest news story so far this year may just be an area of technology which is finally starting to have an enormous impact on all areas of society. Starting with the world of marketing – ai. We have a look at the true impact below. Our content library sees several new items publish every week: blogs. Toolkits. Webinars. And podcasts and all are creat to contribute to your continuous learning in digital marketing.

A few highlights for you below

 It’s a lot to keep on top of so we call out a few highlights for you below. Central to all that we do is you. Our members – of whom we can now count almost 270.000. And it’s growing faster every month! Thousands of you are chatting. Discussing issues and helping each other out in many different ways through the community forum. Don’t forget we update our jobs board most every week and we encourage you to submit your own questions. Tips and job listings in the jobs area of the forum. It’s always a pleasure to see so many of you join us at our ever-popular monthly webinars. And we really value the feback you give us then.

Gpt and ga4 - what you ne to know

As well as ideas on topics you’re interest in. Here’s a sample of the feback we get. Top job of getting in experts on hot and developing topics. We otherwise don’t get access to. Ai was today present well. Incl the chaos following quick developments. Keep it up. Today was an eye opener. I am extremely delight. I will re-watch the webinar tomorrow once the link is sent to me. And make one or two decisions. As always. Dmi present some very forward-thinking ideas in a way that was approachable for the average marketer and didn’t go way over my head. You have such talent and expert speakers. We want to hear from you with your comments. Feback and ideas for what we can cover to help you. So don’t hesitate to email us. Gpt and ga4 – what you ne to know! Since our last catchup with you there has been one extraordinary development in the world of marketing (and far beyond that) and that’s the mainstream adoption and widespread discussion of ai.

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