Another huge shift that’s happening right now in our world is the move to ga4. There’s no going back now! From july 1st. Universal analytics will stop processing data and you ne to have your ga set up well in advance and know how to use it. The problem is. The ga4 interface and approach are very different to those of ua and not everyone finds it easy to use…to put it mildly. To help you out. We’ll be running a live webinar with cathal melinn on april 26 where he’ll walk us through some of the key areas of the new interface. It’s tagg as a beginner’s guide but it’s for all marketers who are dealing with this new approach. In the meantime. You can catch up on some of our other resources on ga4: see the key differences between ua and ga learn how to start setting up ga4 download our full ebook on the issue and. Watch our previous webinar on ga4 essentials.

Understanding emotional intelligence.

Your career. Your moves one of our core aims is to help you in your digital marketing career path. For the stage you’re at now and where you think you might like to move. If you miss it. Check out the super informative webinar we had with eimear walsh on how to advance your career in 2023. We also have you cover with ideas on how to create your best cover letter. As well as in-focus guides on managing your upcoming interview in social mia marketing. Content marketing. Or email marketing. In line with our brilliant. Newly refresh strategy specialism we are bringing you insights and guidance focus on issues around management and teamwork: such as how to find the right balance as a manager. Understanding emotional intelligence.

Our most popular library resources are

Tips on how to manage and upskill your remote team. And even a downloadable planner to help you manage new employee inductions. Keep an eye out in the coming months for content on developing your soft. Or power. Skills in the workplace. Some other content highlights a load of other areas we’ve touch on include what you should know about account bas marketing (abm). How to create content on tiktok. And a knowlgeable breakdown of how digital strategies tend to fail. Our most popular library resources are. As always. Our downloadable toolkits so make sure you’ve check out this year’s social mia highlights calendar.

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