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The idea behind it is to establish a connection with the audience to excite and involve them. This type of persuasive communication can also be applied in a corporate context.  To talk about your brand. Be careful, however, its effect is not to lead to direct sales .  Rather it is to transform visitors into customers .  Through the four phases of inbound marketing – attract, convert, close, delight. Storytelling is in fact a great ally of inbound marketing . Which aims to develop content suitable to satisfy specific customer requests . Trace a personal and vivid story.  Which triggers intense sensations and intrigues the reader . Don’t forget that storytelling helps you tell and share the values on which your company is based. Social networks.

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Make your website responsive to these demands. Special Data If it is easy to navigate ,.  fast and useful for users , they will return as soon as possible to find more answers to their questions. And maybe they will turn into customers . Once you have fixed the general structure of the site so that it is designed to interact with users. you can add some details to better communicate with them. We recommend taking advantage of storytelling . I want to personalize my communication Image Image Corporate storytelling.  what it is and how to use it Storytelling is now part of the world of communication. What is it? Storytelling is a technique that tells stories and experiences . using metaphors and rhetoric to create a substratum of meanings that can be shared by all. 

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Choosing direct and informal language will make the customer appreciate. BSB Directory  You even more and will bring them closer to your products and services. In short, storytelling means guiding the reader .  Thanks to the story of what you are and what you do, along a path that brings them closer to your company. Read also: seo optimization: why is it essential for your site? 2. Company newsletters . What is web marketing strategy surely you have already heard of email marketing . Yes, that’s right, company newsletters. In other words, it is a web marketing tool based precisely on sending emails. The use of email for commercial purposes implies a double advantage .  It is an excellent solution for maintaining constant contact with your customers .  To always keep them updated on news regarding your brand. 

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