The ne to get to know our customers and develop the habit of constantly collecting data as well as analyzing and using them to make business decisions. Let’s hope that from next year it becomes a must have competence not only for leaders but also for marketers. Macrotrends I.E. Defin directions of changes that illustrate a certain long term trend in the life and behavior of society which are worth paying attention to now are the subject of mental health the problem of overstimulation and fatigue work life imbalance lack of time management skills attention and energy of all our stakeholders from customers to partners and employees of our organization.

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The questions to ask yourself and our entire team right now. to the post pandemic reality. How can our company help our clients take care of harmony. And mental health. How can we help Bahrain WhatsApp Number List clients fight fatigue and  overstimulation. How can we help customers. Create new healthy online habits. How can your company increase customer and employee engagement without using overstimulation tactics. How to help clients find a balance between the online url and real irl worlds. Kalina tyrkiel kalina tyrkiel content designer ux writing trainer there is a growing trend of thinking not only about what we write but how we write it.

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Designer and simple language specialist I see a growing interest in training on these topics. Marketers copywriters people working in e mail marketing ap BSB Directory pear more and more often at my workshops. Before they get to creating catchy sales content they think about how to design it to be readable. Knowlge about ux user experience enters the canon of marketing skills. We simplify the language write shorter sentences and choose simple words. We take into account how people read texts.

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