Knowing the basic principles of simple language and content design makes life easier for all marketers. Not only do they create better creations as a result but they also communicate better at work and present their ideas better. Advantages only! Mateusz worotynski mateusz. Worotynski chief product officer at pushpushgo artificial intelligence may soon completely change the way we use the internet. A perfect example is the noise creat by chatgpt.

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He can engage in philosophical conversations write texts on various topics which will be seo compliant if we wish and even code. It is easy to imagine that such technology could change the market. It is enough to fe the algorithm with the right data for the chatbot to become an ideal adv Australia WhatsApp Number List isor offering personaliz recommendations and a seller guiding you through the purchasing process and improving the customer service process. The development of ai can also ruce management and ruce online fraud. The next years will bring many changes in this area.

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Martyna  research and digital strategy

Lead at socjamania with each start of the year we try to prepare for the upcoming changes and define trends. The time of recession and such high volatility should force us to reflect more. In e commerce I would like this year’s trend to be a revision of the assum BSB Directory ptions tools us and the legitimacy of the activities carri out. I will speak as a person to short and long term profitability. I believe that the most important action will.¬† To verify to what extent the projects actually. Have an impact on our business. And we are talking about projects that have been implement in e commerce in recent years and have often been support by trend radars.

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