The cmo persona builder. And of course our ever-popular trends forecast. An area of learning we want to explore and unpack further was market research. And we were delight to have a passionate ucator on the subject. Katrina noelle. Help us understand how it all works today. Check out her webinar with us. And download the accompanying cheat sheet. Our podcast continues to get a wide variety of guests speaking about all areas of marketing. Such as the story of setting up and running an agency. How to run webinars to help your marketing. And remembering why branding is important. And it’s not just about marketing – catherine mooney had a fascinating chat with will about how her work on the psychological team at a major social mia platform echoes her previous experience working with depriv communities.

The cmo persona builder

Subscribe to the ahead of the game podcast on itunes or spotify. What’s next?! Keep an eye on our social channels for upcoming webinars. Including one in june that will go live at a time suitable for our members in the apac region (you spoke. We listen!). We’ll have podcast episodes on the life of a creative advertising director. Digital transformation. And tips on how to be a real professional in the world of work. Keep your feback coming. And keep on learning! Regards. Emma content itor &

you can use analytics to track data for each step to help you determine which ones have the highest value. Focus on the quality of leads lead quality nes to be a priority when creating your roadmap and subsequent campaigns.

Testing is a natural part of digital marketing

If you focus on the lifetime value of each customer (ltv) and not just on the initial sale. It will help you decide on an attribution model that will work. Keep your objectives in mind from the start and don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish as the process progresses. Change is not a bad word part of being successful in the online marketing world is the ability and willingness to change things up when the data justifies it. Testing is a natural part of digital marketing. And it is a key to finding success with your attribution models. Your model should change and evolve as the business changes. And every department nes to be on board for the greater good.

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