mail marketing is still one of the most effective. digital marketing channels in 2019, if the advertiser has a. high-quality and large enough email list.
However, not everyone can find a large and high-quality email list.
However, Google offers.everyone the opportunity to do email marketing without the advertiser having to send a single email message..The title of the ad is exactly the factor that makes it possible to reach the attention of the target audience. A working headline must attract the reader’s . Attention and entice the reader to.  Click open the advertising message. Gmai advertising
Gmail advertising cannot be directly compared to.

high-quality traditiona.

l email marketing, but the advantage of Gmail advertising is good targeting possibilities and scalability.
Gmail ads appear as messages marked as ads in the Gmail offers box or in the social networks box, email list  whether you open the email in a browse.r or in the Gmail apps on your phone.
gmail ad. When. a person clicks on an advertising message, an advertisement opens for them,

which typically has an image and a call to action button.

email list

Audience targeting works in the same way as in other forms of Google Ads .advertising. The audience can be, for example, visitors to your own website. in the form of remarketing. The advertiser can also. upload their existing email list to Google Ads, which .creates a similar audience based .on the email list .
Targeting advertising based on demographic. information means the age and gender of .the target audience.  BSB Directory Demographic targeting can work very well when the product or service advertised by the advertiser .has a clear demographic target group.

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