good tool to project the value proposition. Improving the person’s own appearance: having a defined value proposition enhances the person’s image for others because it makes them feel more confident in themselves and conveys this. HOW TO BOOST YOUR PERSONAL BRAND DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY Before communicating something to others, it is necessary to know yourself, to know what you will be able to contribute to others. A good way to increase self-knowledge is to do a personal SWOT , which is a technique that consists of analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the person themselves. Weaknesses: What personal and professional capabilities should I improve? What aspects of my attitude prevent

What external factors limit my

me from improving? Threats: What external factors limit my professional development? What changes affect my sector? What does the competition offer? Strengths: What personal and professional capabilities offer me a competitive advantage? What are my best skills? Opportunities: What advantageous situations can I benefit from? What changes can help me achieve Business Email List  my goals? personal SWOT The personal SWOT analysis is closely related to comprehensive self-knowledge because it includes both rational and emotional aspects. MONETIZATION STRATEGY Vision, mission and values: refers to everything for which we

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knowing the reason for the personal

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would like to be remembered in the future, the realization of the brand’s vision, knowing the reason for BSB  Directory the personal brand, what are the limits to our actions and strategies and how We are going to project our personal brand. Value proposition: it is the specific solution that is provided to the client, what you do and who you do it for. “Buyer persona”: is the ideal client, the recipient of my message and services. You have to know it perfectly BSB  Directory  astes, hobbies…  good way to improve your personal brand is to take advantage of the online and offline channels that we have at our disposal. Some of the best

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