One of the biggest social media. trends of 2019 is Stories. Stories are videos or images that disappear. after 24 hours of posting. At best, you can create a connection with your target group with stories, because. reacting to stories is easy and private.Easily create impressive
61% percent of marketers plan to inves.t in stories in 2019. Are you among them? We see a huge potential in stories, as more than a billion Facebook and Instagram accounts have adopted the Stories function.

Instagram accounts have adopted the Stories function.

Content production for Facebook .and Instagram is extremely challenging, as images and videos easily get lost. under other content. To get your content in front of a large audience, you have to “beat” the. algorithm. However, stories do not have this problem, as they are the first to appear to users in their Instagram email list  Facebook feeds.Easily create impressive .
Creating stories also takes time, as the content. must be impressive, but at the same time informative or entertaining. However, Buffer’s Stories

Creator. makes creating Stories extremely easy and fast!

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Why should you enable Instagram and Facebook stories?
Stories appear in the feed of your first followers
The threshold for reacting. to stories is low.BSB Directory  It is easy for your followers. Easily create impressive to get to know your brand and “what happens behind closed doors”
You can pin your best stories to your. profile (Instagram)
Your visibility will increase (remember to add your location)Instagram profiles in particular are so closely guarded these days that you don’t want to publish. Just any pictures and videos. Stories on both Instagram and Facebook are an easy way to introduce your followers

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