Gillette a radical change to promote inclusiveness

We are in the 90s. Radiohead sing creep, jurassic park gathers acclaim at the cinema and beverly hills is a hit on television. Precisely in those years a male image was proposed in which virility reigns supreme. Gillette is the spokesperson for this concept strengthening the symbols of masculinity and also underlining them with the slogan. The best of a man. What happens today? It happens that gillette, attentive to changes in society, changes everything . A real revolution. It all started a few years ago, when the image of this macho man began to be undermined. Abandon creams and razors, the best for a man becomes something else.

Saiwa gold from product to consumer

Oro saiwa also chooses inclusiveness . Same recipe for over 60 years: simplicity, authenticity and goodness. And we’re not just referring to biscuits, these are also the core values ​​on which the brand is built. Despite this, not even oro saiwa remains immune africa email list to changing times. Communication transforms and does so first by shifting. The focus from the product to the consumer and then by adopting. A new perspective that progresses with the changes in society

Diesel stories change but ways don't change

From low cost product to must have. Diesel marks a turning point not only in terms of fashion, but also in communication. In fact, if so far we have seen how brands. Have evolved with the changing times, diesel proves to be a pioneer. Be yourself, promote change find your own way of life and follow it. Without fear of judgment and prejudice. In a slogan “for successful living” . This is how diesel presented itself in 1991. Today, diesel continues on this path . He wants to speak to young people and encourage self-awareness. If in the 90s the freedom BSB  Directory desired by young people was largely represented. By the contrast with the world, today freedom is above all . The courage to be ourselves and do what makes us happy.

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