Speaker. Weve creat an online form to capture all the information we ne. It should only take about five to ten minutes to complete. Apply to be an email camp speaker now >> we will keep the call for speakers open until mid april. But dont hesitate to apply. What else is in it for you. If we werent paying email camp speakers, this would be the part where we try to convince you of the benefits of exposure. Maybe youve heard that one before. But heres the truth… Email camp really is an awesome way to get yourself in front of a niche audience full of passionate and curious people.

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Last year, we had more than 3,600 people register for email camp, and live attendance was excellent. However, i would say the real reason to apply to speak at email camp is that its a chance to give back. We have such an amazing and supportive community. If youre like me, there have been plenty business email list of other email geeks whove help you out, offer ideas, recommendations, and referrals, or provid encouragement when you ne it. Events like this are an opportunity to pass along what youve learn to the wider community. Pay it forward (no email pun intend).

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And if you think about it, becoming an email camp speaker is a little like becoming one of the cool counselors at your favorite summer camp. So, apply today with your presentation idea. Sign up to stay inform about email camp 2023 maybe youre more interest in sitting back and enjoying the show. Of course, thats fine with us. You cant have BSB Directory email camp without some campers. Sign up for email camp 2023 updates so that we can stay in touch. Youll be the first to find out about this years fun-fill theme, the list of speakers, and much more. Until then… Well see you all on october 4th and 5th when email camp 2023 is prepar for launch.

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