Customer experience management refers to the process of replying to customers’ feedback and analyzing the end-to-end customer journey. It helps to address customer expectations, leading to customer satisfaction. Customer experience management aims at identifying procedural bottlenecks, moments of truth, and opportunities to make the right value-creating interventions. According to a study by HubSpot, 66 percent of customers want businesses to understand their requirements.  It has a direct bearing on a business’s bottom line.

Salesforce Service Cloud:

As one of the popular CX tools, Zendesk facilitates product-based customer interactions across channels and devices. The company’s CRM platform, aka Zendesk Sunshine, can be used by businesses to build custom CX solutions. This AWS-based CX solution can seamlessly connect with all customer data executive data irrespective of their storage location. Zendesk solutions contain four products, namely, guide, support, chat, and talk. The products allow businesses to perform a slew of activities surrounding customer experience assurance. These include monitoring customer support, live chat, analytics and reporting, creating a smart knowledge base, and executing sales CRM functions.



After analyzing their cases, Salesforce’s CX platform provides valuable customer experience insights into the customers’ journey. It comprises robust productivity tools offering a BSB Directory comprehensive and shared view of customer interactions across channels and devices. The Salesforce Service Cloud can reach customers irrespective of channels – social media, mobile, or web chat. Its native AI-powered chatbots can minimize the dependence on human intervention.

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