As an AI-driven digital CX platform from Ignite, Insight allows businesses to predict the CX of their mobile apps. It does so by offering a 360-degree real-time view of customer insights across multiple channels and dimensions. Besides predicting device and network performance, it also captures customer sentiment. This allows stakeholders to take corrective measures before businesses experience a drop in ratings. It offers real-time visibility and predictability of CX to deliver outcomes such as faster innovation cycles, higher customer retention, the establishment of a customer-focused culture, and others.


This cloud-based and AI-powered CX assurance platform uses text analytics to find the reasons behind NPS scores. It helps uncover themes and underlying drivers for customer company data satisfaction across unstructured data. The tool offers recommendations based on deep learning and aimed at having the maximum impact on improving customer satisfaction. It utilizes a risk scoring technique to identify customers who are at risk and helps to understand the reasons behind their behavior.

It has a host of functionalities for data analytics, multi-channel surveys, and form building. The features of this digital CX tool include customer analytics and retention, and the ability to conduct Closed-Look follow up.

Adobe Experience Manager:

This powerful real-time user monitoring tool offers both content management and digital asset management. It ensures content directed at the customer is personalized and consistent. Besides, it allows businesses to manage the digital experience of consumers across channels and BSB Directory enhance it using automated tools, effortlessly. The automation tools offered by CX software can help businesses seek, adapt, and deliver superior experiences across channels, devices, geographies, and audiences. The market has plenty of that businesses can choose from based on the former’s functionalities. These include ticket management, customer management, customer self-service, product inventory, reports, analytics, and collaboration. A few top user experience monitoring tools are discussed below.

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