To try to understand what the fate of cinema in italy has been. We need to refer to the numbers recorded in october , the month in which cinemas finally returned to 100% capacity. The october takings marked a total turnover of over 33 million euros and 4.8 million tickets sold . The data, obviously, are decreasing compared. To 2019 (by 45%), but they are increasing by 206% compared to 2020. The ones driving the admissions to the cinema were above all the big blockbusters. Among which the following stand out in the top positions. No time to die million takings and more than one million theater attendances. More than 7.2 million takings and over one million tickets sold. Venom – carnage’s million takings and more than 900 thousand attendances. Since 100% capacity in theaters was only introduced from 11 october, these results bode well and are in line with global ones.

The main cinema releases in 2022

As we have already said, the various cinema shutdowns have caused several. Postponements in the productions and launches of new titles in theaters. For 2022, in addition to the releases already scheduled, several titles. That were asia email list  planned for previous years are included in the calendars . What are the most anticipated titles for next year. We have selected the 11 titles that garner the greatest expectations.

Which films to choose for your cinema commercial

2022 is a year full of new releases and new titles. Every screening is an excellent opportunity to advertise at the cinema. Would you like to involve the public ? Would you like to raise brand awareness ? And build customer loyalty. A commercial at the cinema helps you in this endeavor. And it does so in a targeted manner. If it is true that cinema advertising speaks to all the people in the room. It is also true that among them there is also your ideal target . In fact BSB  Directory each film is suitable or falls within the preferences of well-defined buyer personas . By choosing films that are closest to the tastes of your target. The advertising is much more likely to reach those interested people.

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