Customer Service Mistakes You Never Knew You Always Made

It’s a common truth that your entire business plan should be focused on offering customers the best quality possible, exceeding their expectations. Nowadays, customer experience consists not only of your product or service, but also of how your customers feel treated. This is where the customer service team can show off, paying attention to every sign of feedback coming from your target audience. Still, what happens if something goes wrong? See the statistics. To make up for one negative experience, you need twelve positive ones , but chances are you won’t have any more: 91% of dissatisfied customers won’t complain, they’ll just leave. Therefore, just one mistake can cost you a lot, especially when customer retention is cheaper than acquisition. We’ll cover some of the most impactful customer service mistakes to ensure you’re safe from regrets.

What should you avoid in customer service

Let’s talk about seven common customer service mistakes that many companies make: make sure you’re not one of them. Ignoring messages This is a cardinal sin of customer service errors. It doesn’t matter if this happens due to negligence or a simple mistake, the consequences are serious. Imagine that  of consumers who shared complaints about a bad customer experience online had their complaints ignored . Does this sound familiar? Well, many France WhatsApp Number Data brand crisis stories started in a similar way. If you don’t want to share your experiences, make sure every email, call or message gets the attention it deserves. You should also monitor interactions below your social media posts. This is where cooperation with your marketing team pays off by avoiding the following situation: This Twitter thread was viewe by more than 76 thousand users and is a classic example of a customer service error.


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Not listening to your customers

Over time, however, every response can become more automated and we can start to imagine what the customer wants without paying attention to their concerns. It seems to be one of the most basic mistakes, but the chances are that it compromises the entire Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List performance of your customer service. Try to understand your customers’ concerns and needs better to make them feel heard. Lying While you may be wary of saying “I don’t know” or “I can’t do that,” lying to please your client is the worst practice imaginable. Yet this is the intent of 26% of workplace lies , taking into account more than just the customer service department. In business, all relationships are built on trust, so you need to be able to follow through on your words with actions.

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