Fifteen Templates for Writing Awesome Customer Service

Customers increase their purchases with a brand after a positive customer service experience,” and that “86% ofBSB Directory customers would pay up to 25% more for a better customer service experience, ” thanks to . That said, providing a great customer experience is more difficult than ever as customer journeys are becoming increasingly omnichannel. Data from Marketing Week , for example, indicates that “15 years ago, the average consumer typically used two touchpoints when purchasing an item and only 7% regularly used more than four. Today, consumers use an average of nearly six touchpoints with nearly 50% regularly using more than four.” Serving more channels with the same number of resources means being strategic about how and when you communicate. Customer service email templates can be a useful tool in your arsenal that saves you time without compromising the level of service you provide to customers.

What consumers want from customer service experiences

Image source Think about the positive – and not-so-positive – customer service experiences you’ve had, and some of them become obvious. If you had a problem with a product or service you purchased, for example, you know the importance of receiving a quick response to your problem. The data confirms this. According to , “an email response time of one hour will meet the expectations of 89% of your customers. Companies seeking first-class customer service should respond in 15 minutes or less.” The bad news? The average Denmark WhatsApp Number Data response time for corporate emails reaches . Using features like these, we further know that consumers. They want their customer service experiences to be personalized using information stored in their account. They don’t want to have to repeat themselves to multiple customer service representatives (although this is still common, especially for companies that use several different support channels).

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15 Customer Service Email Templates to Try

Ready to get started? Below you will find 15 different email templates to try, organized by group. Choose the ones that are most relevant to your business, then customize them to your specific needs. Make sure you do too. Buyer Stage Models Image source: Unsplash . Email response to a website form request submission Use when: Someone has filled out a form France WhatsApp Number List on your website asking for more information. This template can be sent immediately after the form is filled out, satisfying your visitors’ desire for quick response times – even if you need more time to get a complete response. Hello [name], Thank you very much for getting in touch! Just confirming that we have received your request for more information, and that we will contact you within [XX] hours with a more complete response.

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