Remember to maintain high hygiene of the base. By constant contact with mailing recipients. Constantly update the database respect the resignation of recipients from your newsletter and try to collect valuable feback from them. Dorothy Plachta Customer. Relationship Manager How can a company stand out during the holiday season The holiday season is associat with high consumerism and increas traffic for shops but on the other hand it is also a time of. Warmth giving and helping. If you sell your products online or offline use. December to increase your brand awareness and good customer experience. Extend the time for returning products offer free gift wrapping and add a surprise to the order which will be a nice gift for your customer and at the same time a good promotion of your products.

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For example if you sell cosmetics forget about free cream sachets and include its larger versionml. The customer will have time to test the product well remember it and if satisfi he will certainly return the favor by returning to your store and buying a full size Uruguay WhatsApp Number List package. What would you advise companies from the customer’s point of view Where do you like to buy gifts Personally I really appreciate local Polish brands that are currently promoting themselves on Instagram.

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Even if I plan a purchase on the company website. I visit the IG profile beforehand where it is much easier for me to familiarize myself with the store’s assort BSB Directory ment news and opinions of other customers. Regardless of whether it is jewelry clothes hand made ceramics or the offer of thematic workshops. A well run profile allows me to get to know the brand and often dispel doubts and the lack of such a profile effectively hinders the purchase. Of course the situation is different in the case of large well known brands where Instagram is not so important in promoting the brand but it certainly has an impact on purchasing decisions.

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