Regardless of the size of the company I would recommend keeping an interesting brand profile on Instagram on a regular basis. Showing news What to watch out for when it comes to sending an email campaign Around Christmas it is a period of increas traffic in stores and mailboxes. Just as it is better to do your Christmas shopping early to avoid the crowds and queues in stores I would advise you to do the same when sending email campaigns. Just before Christmas we are sometimes inundat with promotional newsletters or Christmas e wishes.

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Avoid this crowd in your recipient’s inbox and send the campaign earlier. You can then count on a higher open rate and getting acquaint with your offer by a larger number of recipients. If we buy gifts online we still ne to do it well in advance so that the shipment Vietnam WhatsApp Number List arrives on time. Give your clients this opportunity. Maria Czekanska marketing specialist How can a company stand out during the holiday season During the holidays it is definitely worth betting on campaigns in social mia or Google Ads. After all your great offer means nothing if it goes unnotic.

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What should you base your campaign on Emotions because that’s what Christmas is all about. And I mean both the warm emotions associat with lighting the lights on the Christmas tree or sitting down at the table together as well as mom BSB Directory ents full of stress when we don’t know if the gifts will arrive on time or what to buy for a lov one. Therefore it will be a good idea if you create a special tab where you can show for example Christmas sets that will be great for a gift. However it is worth going a step further. During the holidays it’s best to think about creating a good story. Tell the story behind the creation of a given holiday set. Tell us why the product is a good gift.

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