Therefore, Blue chip stocks : blue chip stocks are stocks that originate from large companies that have high ai values . hese shares often have high volatility s low and can give high dividends .

Technology based stocks. Technology based stocks are shares that come from technology companies and have the potential to generate high profits. These stocks can have high volatility and risk, but can also provide high returns.

Dividend stocks: dividend stocks are shares that pay regular dividends to shareholders. These shares can provide high passive income for investors.

 performance based shares are shares

Therefore, That pay dividends or bonuses based on the company’s performance. This allows investors to earn more profits if the company performs well.

Investment based shares: investment based shares are shares that are based on calculating financial ratios. This allows investors to usa telephone book make appropriate investments based on risk-reward analysis.
Rinciples of u mm ul qura ( public welfare.Therefore,   this concept emphasizes that economic policies must be especially there will be a lot of fun _asy arak at .

Al-tawhid principle (god almighty): this context emphasizes that only the true god has the right to material wealth and the true nature of its owner.

Al-iqtisad principle (balance): this conception emphasizes that financial management must be carried out in a balance between environmental protection, social development and economic management.

Al tazkiyah principle purification of the heart

Therefore, This principle emphasizes that economic actors must be pure in their goals and must not commit fraud or damage.

Al-ghazu principle (care): this principle emphasizes BSB Directory that economic actors must care about other people and economic policies must be in favor of the public interest.

Principle of al-ijtihad (intellectual effort. Therefore, this conception emphasizes that economic decision making must be based on comprehensive study and analysis.

Usury is a type of loan or exchange that involves unfair interest or profit. Therefore, Usury is prohibited in Islam and is considered an unfair activity. Riba can be divided into several categories, namely riba fadhl, riba al-nasia, riba al-jahiliyyah, riba al-qurud and riba al-buyu.


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