Starting at the beginning of the 18th century. At that time, european intellectuals began to pay attention to economics as a branch of science worthy of discussion. Previously, economics was considered only a part of politics or theology.

Classical discoveries in economics began with the publication of adam smith’s book,. Therefore, the wealth of nations, in 1776. This book was the basis for classical economic thought. Smith stated that the price of goods is determined by supply and demand. He also suggested that individual rights to regulate one’s own property and property should be respected.

Next, david ricardo developed a more complex price theory regarding market competition.

He suggested that the price of the product would

Therefore, Be the right amount to balance the quantity of the good demanded with the quantity of the good supplied.

Classical economic thought can also be buying phone numbers found in the thought of thomas malthus. In 1798, he quoted that the human population would adapt to its environment and that the increase in population would lead to food shortages.

Classical economic theory reappeared in the 19th century, especially with the theories of karl marx. Marx suggested that capitalism would lead to a reduction in workers’ rights and cause poverty and social injustice.

Meanwhile, john maynard keynes’ thinking replaced classical economic theory. He suggested that the government could regulate the economy by using fiscal and monetary policies to control inflation and increase economic growth.

In conclusion classical economic theory has developed over the course of history


This theory has become the rationale for many modern theories used to analyze and understand today’s economy.

Therefore, This includes a focus on BSB Directory how economic, fiscal, monetary, and financial principles can be applied in the context of sharia. These principles seek to ensure that the earth’s wealth and natural resources are well maintained and used fairly and create social justice. By understanding how economic principles are applied in the context of sharia, people can know how to manage finances and natural resources in a correct and moral way.

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