Through links, the greater your authority on a given subject. This is a strategy that can be a little complicat, as it is not easy to find companies that are willing to recommend your website out of sheer desire. The first step to gaining links on other To better sites, then, is to create incrible content that deserves to be cit! There are also guest post partnerships , which are basically publishing texts (with links to your website) on other websites and vice versa. If you want to pay for a link , that is also possible. However, not all recommendations are equal : larger and more reliable websites.

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Have a much greater value than common blogs , which still receive few visits, for example. 5. Use Search Console Search To better Console assists in special data Coptimizing and monitori g a website’s performance in Google results , helping to check which pages are index, which keywords to use, the existence of links, and so on . It’s also a great tool for tracking the impacts brought about by changes to algorithms . In other words, it is possible to carry out .

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The website is following all the rules determin by Google , which enhances its ability to always appear in the top positions. Here at Orgânica, we use Search Console a lot! Check out an example of a comparative analysis below : Improve positioning on Google using Search Console Tip: Learn to research keywords! 6. Put your business on Google Maps BSD directory There is a tool you can use to make your company appear prominently in search results : Google My Business . It allows you to register with opening hours, photos and address on Google Maps.

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