Time spent on the website; Number of unique visitors. What are Digital Marketing Indicators? Unlike metrics, indicators point to performance on larger scales and in the long term . Indicators have a greater weight in the formation of strategies that idealize Here we go the achievement of an objective — an objective that gives rise to all other goals. Precisely because of this importance that some indicators are call KPIs : Key Performance Indicators in Digital Marketing . Example of Digital Marketing Indicators Bounce rate; Percentage of new unique visitors. Lead generation: how Orgânica generat 13x more leads in just 2 months Benefits of Digital Marketing Metrics and Indicators Speaking very generally, Digital Marketing aims to make companies sell more , in such a way: Easy; Simple; And constant.

Examples of Digital Marketing Metrics

It is the word “Digital” in Marketing that allows such fantastic benefits, since the data collect on how leads (potential customers) interact with new data the brand facilitates a surgical manipulation of the strategy that leads to increas sales. When this data reaches certain numbers, it points to trends within certain categories that are important for the company’s survival: the metrics! Categories of this type generally involve: Number of sales : knowing Here we go whether a product or service is experiencing an increase in sales; Revenue : how much money sales are generating to calculate other important metrics (such as the average ticket); And MQLs : the number of leads qualifi by strategic Digital Marketing segmentations.

Each one in relation to decision-making

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From the English “Marketing Qualifi Leads”, these Marketing Qualifi Leads are people with a very high probability of purchasing the company’s products or services. Paying attention to MQLs is important because there is no point in receiving a BSD Directory shower of leads when these potential customers are undecid or indifferent. Unqualifi leads occupy the sales team for nothing, but when this problem is resolv, the impact on the number of sales (due to smaller efforts) is impressive! Tip: Lead Generation: understand what it is and how to generate it Main.

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