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Therefore if you choose a campaign for Boys’ Day try to make it as visually appropriate as possible to the given circumstances. Various studies show that women are more likely to prefer softer shades of colors to stronger ones unlike men. to the male gender try to use for example dark blue or darker green or black instead of pastel colors. Author’s note For a holiday email you can choose colors other than those in your brandbook. Remember however to keep elements typical of your brand logo or your colorsin the cta or menu.

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Segmentation and personalization Coloring for Boy’s Day Thinking that Boyfriend’s Day is just for a boy Although of course we give gifts to men on this day we do not always have to perceive our offers in this simple way. If you run a clothing store you don’t just French Business Fax List have to give discounts on men’s products. You can also tempt women with for example boyfriend pants or t shirts with funny quotes about boys. Do you run a restaurant Give yourself a break for a coffee for two and encourage someone to take their man for it on Boyfriend’s Day. Send discounts to women because they are mainly buying gifts on this day.

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I would write think outside the box but since I’m not a fan of that I’ll just write Know your brand . Because when personalizing on the occasion of typical or unusual holidays it is best to first look at your offer and then choose an interesting campaign for it . Bad gender match When I wake up in the morning I go to my laptop and start checking my emails because when I work remotely I ha BSB Directory ve a few seconds to my desk and among them I see We have a gift for you for Father’s Day and in the content I see men’s underwear I think something just went wrong. Because in fact you don’t even ne to collect declarative data to be able to create a good campaign.

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