Companies will have to face the decline in revenues by adopting different cost strategies. At the same time along with the pressure to ruce expensesof solutions bas on artificial intelligence that allow you to automate or optimize various processes in organizations. Thus they make it possible to maintain high efficiency while rucing labor costs. Jobs especially in marketing will be kept by those people who will effectively use technological solutions.

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That is why I believe that it will be a year of increas search learning and adoption of tools that allow you to maximize work efficiency. Not only specialists but also the management boards of companies will have to take a strong interest in the available technologies. organizations will depend on them to an even greater extent than before. Aleksander koclejd aleksander Job Function Email Database koclejd marketing leader at ccc group the end of last year belong to artificial intelligence and the metaverse and this will not change over the next several months. Gpt chat is a hot topic that many are watching and few have already start using it. There are a whole lot of applications. We are moving away from panicky thoughts about whether ai will not replace humans.

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A partner and streamline your work to achieve better results. Controversy continues unabat around the metaverse. Will be a year of opportunities not only for large businesses. Awareness around this area is growing. The next months will show us which industries are aware that argumentem reality and virtual reality are responsible for success. Those who understand BSB Directory this will begin to implement strategies bas on these technologies. Last but not least personalization. This is not a new trend and the last call for us marketers. Today we ne to understand and create a strategy of personaliz messages because it is they that will affect the profitability of businesses in the face of the economic crisis.

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