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Joanna bojajorć joanna bojarojć marketing manager software house appchance group undoubtly the next period will see the further development of the mobile first trend. To confirm the role of mobile in the shopping area it is worth quoting the gemius report e commerce in poland. the percentage of smartphone use for shopping purposes overtook portable computers! Customers expect the brand to be available in all channels and mobile is one of the most important considering the fact that we currently spend almost hours a day on our smartphones.

Thanks to push notifications

Despite the current economic situation most brands are aware that investing in mobile applications is a must. Users are increasingly making purchases in the application due not only to the convenience of shopping provid by a well design and implement mobile Buy Bulk SMS Service application but also due to special offers and various benefits offer by loyalty programs. the customer is up to date with the above mention offers or other personaliz messages direct at him by the brand. Two branches of marketing that are often combin and us are email marketing and social mia promotions. These are two effective channels to engage your audience. Learn how to combine them.

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They can find your page or profile

Social mia has become the main element of internet marketing. They allow you to quickly reach new recipients around the world.  randomly thanks to recommendations or for example using hashtags. However without investing in the right marketing strategy BSB Directory and advertising there is a chance that you will remain unnotic on the web. So how do you combine social mia marketing and email marketing to generate better results. Here are some ideas to help you strengthen your marketing strategy as a whole. Source state of marketing trends report state of marketing.

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