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Surely you are wondering why your message which is valuable information or an offer for your customers has been treat as junk in the mailbox. Below are some proven ways to deal with spam filters . How not to get into SPAM Your shipments are not authenticat This is a very important factor relat to mass email marketing. Verifying the security for your sending domain will allow the message to be authenticat by the recipient’s mail server.

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Authentication is liken to a key that fits into a padlock because it consists of a private key in the header of the message. When the message reaches the recipient’s inbox the server asks for a key that matches the one embd VP Quality Email Lists on the server. Ifserver matches the private keythe entry in the message header which is a padlock the message will be finally accept. In FreshMail each mailing is protect by a verifi SPFbut we also give you more options. Also verify DKIM protection for your sending domain which significantly improves deliverability. How to do it Check here.

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There are “dangerous” addresses on your lists In email marketing activities the basic activity that affects deliverability is the systematic maintenance of address base hygiene. Be sure to collect sign ups using the double opt in model . This has a significant impact on BSB Directory protecting the recipient list from addresses that are unsafe for message deliverability. Also don’t forget about addresses call Spamtraps . They are us by e mail providers to detect the so call spammers. After about months of no inbox activity it becomes a spamtrap. So if you continue to send to such an address for spam filters you become a sender sending unwant content and as a result your domain reputation and deliverability are lower.

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