Spamtrapsunus addresses are also often includ in public address databases available on the Internet. That’s why it’s so important to ship to addresses that aren’t publicly available. Conducting such a mailing from the point of view of the GDPR is in short illegal. More about it here . How not to get into SPAM Analyze After each sending analyze the statistics available under the Reports tab from the FreshMail account. First of all pay attention to the addresses that have receiv the hard bounce status this means that the receiving server reject the message.

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Do not remove such addresses but use the step by step instructions on how to properly mark hard bouncing addresses . deliverability. Regular shipments to reflecting addresses may lead to blocking of shipments on the side of external monitoring tools. Author’s note Also pay attention to audiences VP Design Officers Email Lists that aren’t interest in your campaigns. Create a segment on your list with addresses that do not open messages and update your database on an ongoing basis. You are making mistakes when creating the message template Spam filter algorithms overwrite each day which means that only mail providers know everything about their spam filters.

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However I know from experience that certain elements of the templates will always affect the spam filters. Below I will list the most important of them. Too many graphics in relation to the text We recommend creating messages bas on a balance between BSB Directory graphics and text. Too many graphics also make the message too heavy. A message weighing more than kb will most likely end up in the SPAM tab. However I would like to point out that the text embd in the graphics is not treat as the text value of the message in mailboxes. The content of the campaign includes so call spam words Buying words such as Buy now Promotion only now Act quickly . Also watch out for the words Sales Offer Discount or Free.

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