It’s sty to break down into smaller components to focus on one tool at a time. Here, we’ll share tips and tricks for getting acquaint with the magic wand tool. Popular Courses What is the Magic Wand Tool? The handy little magic wand tool can access from the toolbar window that appears on the screen when you first open the program (in any version of the software). of the image,   are similar to each other. It can us to highlight a part of an image for transformation, and can even us to cut a specific part of a select image and paste it into a different image.

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How to use the Magic Wand tool First, open and click the File tab to browse for an image on the computer. After selecting the desir photos, click OK . You want to set the options for the magic wand in the options bar (it will give Hong Kong Business Email List you four options. Tolerance, Continuous, Antialiasing, and Use All Layers). Grab the magic. Wand tool (the wand with what looks like a star at the top), and use it to highlight the part of the photo you want to correct. For example, if you took a group photo and chose a friend’s green sweater, just use the magic wand to select that sweater. You ne to zoom in on the highlight area to enlarge it.

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You’ll notice that certain areas of the photo are mark with slow-moving dott lines. You can click on these specific areas to add or even remove them from your BSB directory work. You can select all the similar contrast parts You want to change, while subtracting the parts you don’t ne. Go to the Image tab at the top of the screen. Then go to Adjustments and choose Color Balance to adjust. The tone of the image to one of your favorite tones.

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