Students also learn that for our example icon, we creat a simple gradient background and a letter to represent our brand . Steps Shrink it to Now it’s time to resize the icon to make it compatible with web browsers. Go to Image Image Size in the top menu, or press and change the size to . Make sure this is pixels, not inches. It’s a good idea to open the drop-down menu that says Resampling and select the Bicubic Sharpening option.  doesn’t blur too much when resiz, but if you still lose too much sharpness, using the Filter options.

If done correctly you should

See the icon change to a icon! Rounding the corners of a favicon can give it a whole new look. Depending on the style you want, it might worth learning how to do it. Empower your team. Lead the industry. pass Subscri to a library of Cyprus Business Email List online courses and digital learning tools for your organization. This quick start guide shows you how to do this easily using new features of . For older versions, consider this training course on mastering the basics. Step 1 Save your favicon as or file type This step is easy. If you install the plugin correctly, you can now go to File Save As , open the drop-down menu and select the ( icon ) option.

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Click the Save button

You will prompt about the icon format. It is recommend that you save the file as a standard , as the format is not very compatible. After clicking OK , you might get confus. Why does the app still call our icon  when we just sav it as ? This is cause files cannot it in . Just try BSB directory opening it and see. Once you save your favicon as , the file is final. If you want to make changes to it, you’ll have to keep iting the file until you’re happy with the final product, then save it again as .

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