Mythical email marketing or legends about sending campaigns Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google Pinterest Buffer When the gods are among us or a short treatise on myths and their rulers. What false stories can you come across when it comes to email marketing And what is the truth after all We live in times where truth is mix with falsehood. By browsing many different websites every day we expose ourselves to the influence of an increasing amount of fake news. These in turn can be accidentally assimilat and disseminat in the form of almost mythical stories. And it is on them that I would like to focus.

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A myth is a made up untrue story or untrue claim made in an attempt to explain the incomprehensible. Email marketing is definitely not such a thing. Unfortunately as in the case of issues that ask about the purpose of our existence so many myths and legends Singapore Business Fax List have grown around this issue that it is impossible to ignore this fact. So following in the footsteps of heroes I will take up the fight to regain the truth about e marketing the brilliance of which is obscur by the hades of false information. Pseudologos god of SPAM I have heard many times in my life that e mail marketing is SPAM in its purest form. An opinion so untrue yet popular.

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In connection with this the figure of Pseudologos comes to mind in Greek mythology the god of lies and falsehood. A deity of exactly what SPAM actually is. Putting it on a par with e marketing is to put it mildly ridiculous. Why Creating e mail communication with customers is bas on the so call. permi BSB Directory sion marketing or in short permission marketing. This is what makes mailing campaigns so effective. It also gives the highest among the most recognizable forms of marketing conversion.

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