This is for a simple reason. The customer who receives the e mail is keenly interest in its content because he left us the address of his own free will to receive this content. That’s why companies use the phrase order a newsletter so often. When it comes to the term SPAM it is unsolicit or unnecessary e mail. Thus SPAM and email marketing occupy two extreme positions in email communication. Mercury the god of profit or and there’s some money in it Email marketing is unprofitable this is another opinion that upsets many people who know this communication channel.

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HubSpot email marketing ranks third in terms of ROI among all mia channels. of B B marketers admitt that the email marketing strategy turn out to be effective in meeting their business objectives. Statistics bordering on utopia but creat on the basis of detail Austria Business Fax List analyzes and irrefutable evidence. Remember however that this is the result of the calculat average. Therefore in your case these numbers may be even higher. Considering what Mercury is identifi with in Roman mythology we can confidently create the M equation.

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Mythical email marketing Aion god of shipping time preferably Saturday the th Taking into account the timing of sending campaigns to customers which some companies operate against I dare say that they con BSB Directory sult their decisions with the Greek god of time Aion. However it is worth remembering that there is no such thing as an ideal time to send a message to the client which will translate into a very high open rate and will work for every industry and recipients. When taking the first steps in email marketing you should realize that it is you who must investigate on what day or at what time our recipients are more likely to open our message.

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