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After this, your task is to smooth the text, i.e. edit the sales page so that it feels natural to read. In the editing process, I remove all conditionals (-isi, should, might, etc.) and other words describing uncertainty (maybe, perhaps, etc.). Remember that the text should not be perfect , full of jargon and terms, because your client is not a professional in your field (unless you Target the sales page to colleagues).  be translated into the vernacular so that the text is easy to read. If you have 13-15 year olds around , ask them to read the sales page after you have done the above.

All difficult words should

 Let them read the page without prior knowledge. Be present while they read and when they stop reading (note that they may not finish the page or they may just skim special data through it), ask them the following questions: Was the text interesting?stop? What made you just glance at the text and not read it from cover to cover? Do you know what is being sold on the page, to whom and why? What kind of feedback do you want to give about the text? Emphasize to them that their genuine opinion is more important than how you feel.  open critics who do not mince their words. But their opinions and feedback will help you write even better sales pages.

Teenagers are wonderfully

 So the text should not be difficult to understand, but such that even a teenager can understand it. If the teenager says that he did not understand anything from BSD Directory  the text, then you should pay attention to the words, sentence structures and professional terminology. If a teenager says that the topic is not interesting because it is not current, that is actually a good thing, because then you have been able to limit the “unwanted” customers outside of the text. After the feedback, complete the sales page. From there, correct the ones that are most important and finally read the page one more time silently out loud. You can also let the page rest for a night or two before final edits and read-alouds. 

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